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Be Prepared – Dive Emergency Training

By the Academy of Scuba – Not just certified … Qualified!

The Academy of Scuba is proud to offer the best Dive Emergency Training programs in the industry. A great diver is always learning. And, one of the greatest skills a great dive buddy can have is emergency preparedness. Take your training to the next level with the host of dive emergency training courses available at any of our locations. Thank you for choosing the Academy of Scuba to learn these invaluable skills!

What is an “Emergency Provider”? An emergency provider is a Lay Person who has the necessary skills to provide basic life support and emergency medical procedures to assist an injured person (diver) until emergency services arrives on the scene.

Why is being an Emergency Provider important? The critical care an injured person (diver) receives in the first few minutes of an accident can be the difference between life and death. It could be the difference between a minor injury and catastrophic consequences. It is your duty as a great dive buddy to be trained to handle emergency care. Be Responsible.

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Divers Alert Network (DAN) and the Academy of Scuba
DAN Business Member and DAN Training Center

The Academy of Scuba supports dive safety and extends great benefits to its customer base at the same time. As a DAN Business Member, the Academy of Scuba has access to the most up to the minute information available from DAN to the dive community.

The Academy of Scuba is also a DAN Training Center. The DAN Training Center designation is the highest recognition for DAN's business members. As a DAN Training Center, our customers have access to all of the DAN provider and instructor level courses. It is a designation that indicates our commitment to promoting dive safety, most notably, through the Dive Emergency Specialist (DES) and Dive Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) Courses.

Emergency First Response and the Academy of Scuba
Creating Confidence to Care

Emergency First Response courses encompass adult, child, and infant CPR and first aid skills, and incorporate Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) training and emergency oxygen use. Emergency First Response also offers comprehensive First Aid at Work courses, specifically designed to meet compliance standards for workplace safety courses internationally. Emergency First Response courses are flexible in design to accommodate scheduling and training needs. They can be taught together or alone in any combination.

The Emergency First Response courses build lay rescuer confidence to provide care when faced with a medical emergency. Students learn and practice the same patient care techniques and principles used by medical professionals, but at a lay person level.

Get started today. Your next course is waiting for you. Check out our provider and instructor level courses and sign up today.

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